Medal of Honor outrage ‘hurt’ developer

Much has been made of the upcoming Medal of Honor and its controversial decision to let players fight for the Taliban in its multiplayer mode. Despite the fact that we all saw the outrage coming from a mile away, developer Danger Close has admitted that it hurt nonetheless.

“I don’t understand why it came when it did but it came and it hurt. It was a morale hit and everything,” says executive producer Greg Goodrich. “Our intentions have never been anything but honourable and this Medal of Honor game is no different than any Medal of Honor game that has come before it, in that regard, in our intent and our tone.

“But because, on a character selection screen, three of those characters were called Taliban, that caused a problem and that’s what everyone focus on, Everything else that we’d done kind of went away and everything else that we’d talked about and they weren’t looking at the entire piece and the entire message.”

Despite the lapse in morale, Goodrich says he remains confident that gamers who pay attention to Medal of Honor will realize that Danger Close “paid tribute to the soldier” rather than make a mockery of the USA. That’s all well and good, and I totally am looking forward to the game … but why is every at EA pretending they’re surprised at the backlash?

Medal of Honor outcry ‘has affected morale’ – Dev [CVG]

Jim Sterling