Medal of Honor: Airborne screens; yup, ze Germans still lose

If the number of Dubyoo-Dubyoo-Eye-Eye-centric video games are any indication, America has a strong thirst for simulated jerry killin’. Between the History Channel’s twenty-four hour a day coverage of a war that ended more than sixty years back and the innumerable games placing you squarely in the shoes of Corporal Joe Sixpack or Praporshchik Ivan Vodkashot, we’ve learned more about the War from electronic entertainment than we did in the combined seven years of college attended by all the editors of Destructoid.

EA, never one to buck a trend until its metaphorical teat is spraying a fine mist of calcium-enriched blood, sent along some new screens for the upcoming Medal of Honor: Airborne. The title, while sporting all kinds of graphical effects that make the PR wonks wet themselves, looks a lot like every other WWII game I’ve ever played. I’ve stormed the beaches of France, I’ve fought through English hedgerows, and I’ve destroyed enough Tiger tanks to get a handjob from George Patton himself, so what else is there to show us?

Then again, maybe I’m just jaded. Are you guys still excited to be cappin’ the Deutsch?

Earnest Cavalli
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