Meatboy hits it big, coming to WiiWare in late 2009

I’m not much of an indie game guy, but Edmund McMillen has captivated me. When I played Aether — a game that deals with childhood and escapism — I experienced an abundance of emotion that I wasn’t prepared to confront. I’ve never had a game do that to me. I felt weak, stripped of my armor and face.

Then McMillen surprised me again with his N+ style Meatboy. Conceptually, it doesn’t carry the weight that Aether does. It’s a game that stars a bloody wad of meat that bounces around the screen leaving chunks in its wake. That emotional connection isn’t there for me — I’m not a hamburger – but I had fun playing it.

And now an enhanced version of Meatboy is hitting WiiWare. The game’s official page is up, listing its release as Q4 2009. I know it’s early, but Is anyone else excited about this?

[via Nintendo Wii Fanboy]

Brad BradNicholson