Meat Boy Switch is coming in a few weeks, with a kick ass ‘Race Mode’

It’s something the team wanted to do ‘since 2010’

Super Meat Boy is just one of those games. It was part of the digital indie revolution, in part because of how replayable it is and how much it holds up years later.

A ton of people (myself included) are planning on picking it up yet again on the Switch too, which has finally been dated. Team Meat confirmed via Twitter that Switch port will be released on January 11, 2018, and it’ll bring a goodie with it. Seemingly confirming an exclusive gametype, “Race Mode” is a thing, and will likely be a split-screen literal race in the style of old school Sonic.

The idea of breaking off a piece of the Switch (Joy-Con) to throw down on some Meat Boy sounds perfect.

Team Meat [Twitter]

Chris Carter
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