Meat arrows are now a reality in Zelda: Breath of the Wild thanks to a mod

Let ’em fly

In what is arguably the most important discovery of the recent Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom overview, we learned that Link now has the power to fuse items together. This Dead Rising-esque mechanic seems fairly fluid and extends to multiple objects: not just weaponry. Of course, you can use it to forge new weapons and ammo…like the meat arrow.

Folks have been talking about raw meat arrows ever since the aforementioned walkthrough hovered over them ever so slightly, and the community has now made that a reality in Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Popular Zelda modder Waikuteru just put out a new video detailing their meat arrow mod, which…adds meat arrows into the game.

Although you can get the gist in the first few minutes of the video below, Waikuteru walks us through all of the possibilities these new toys can bring to the table.

I’d welcome adding some of Tears of the Kingdom‘s mechanics back into Breath of the Wild

Adding a rudimentary fusion element into Breath of the Wild seems simple enough: and even if it doesn’t have the same fully-featured functionality as Tears of the Kingdom, you’re still flinging a meat arrow at an enemy at the end of the day. And based on this mod, they actually seem pretty viable. Plus, ammo is easier to find than ever!

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