MDK2 coming to Wii and PC

MDK2 is quite the game. It’s a little weird, but a total blast to play with some really creative level design for its three playable characters. Or so I’m told. I’ve never actually dug into it because I have a fear of characters with large pointy heads (damn you, Silent Hill!). However, if I can overcome my largiapointyheadphobia by later this year I will have another chance to play the game as Interplay and Beamdog have announced that the BioWare-developed game will be getting a Wii and PC release.

The Wii release will be a download only and should be landing some time before the end of the year. No word on if it is the Dreamcast or PS2 version of the game. The PC release, which is also download only through Beamdog’s digital distribution program, doesn’t have a release window yet, but it will be an HD version of the game called MDK2 HD.

Maybe Interplay is finally getting its act together and testing the waters for that MDK sequel they were talking about way back when. A minor miracle has already occurred this weekend, why not two?

MDK2 headed to WiiWare, PC [TVGB]

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