McSweeney’s and Samus Aran: The Lesbian Story Now Told

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For the pretentious hipsters out there earning a BA in 17th Century Liturgical Poetry (John Donne ftw!), McSweeney’s is a satirical core of Post-Post Modern (PoPoMo) twentysomething living. Sure, it’s often scribed by solipsistic writers too cool for their own good, but it’s also a venue for funny writing with a serious bent. I am unabashedly an adoring fan of McSweeney’s.

So it is with interest that today’s post on the McSweeney’s homepage is, oddly, a first-person narrative on same sex marriage laws within the Galactic Federation by none other than Samus Aran. An empowered lesbian (with a book of poetry to boot, Morphing Inside My Varia Suit), she offers a three-step legislative goal called Morph Laws, setting the stage for “equal rights for all homosexual species.”

While far from titillating, or arguably, laugh-out-loud funny, Marco Kaye’s Metroid’s Samus Aran Speaks Out About Gay Marriage is an interesting take on arguing for an issue. Using a rather obscure figure, by arching pop-cultural standards, this short work is at least an interesting starting point for discussion. And let’s be real, the issue of homosexuality is something almost never addressed in gaming culture. Kinda neat seeing it being discussed, no?

No matter how you feel about homosexuality, same sex unions, Metroid, or the simple fact that this is awfully close to being published fan-fiction, it’s dead fascinating to read. Do yourself a favor and check out the article. It’s not often videogame characters show up in literary journals, that’s for sure.

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