McDonald’s Singapore store makes everyone’s dreams come true, advertises one Pokemon version

McDonalds Pokemon

Hey, kind of like Pokemon Legends

A McDonald’s Pokemon advertisement got a little out of hand in Singapore, heralding the arrival of Pokemon Violet and Pokemon…Violet? Right on: are we sure Nintendo got the announcement correct?

As spotted by NintendoSoup, the upcoming duo of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were lumped together as just Violet in the Singapore ad, which adorns every tray at this particular location (and likely more). Interestingly, the collab also involves a “Charizard McPepper Burger,” “Eevee Pies,” and “Pikachu and Scorbunny Frappes.” Oh, and it’ll have a trading card game tie-in.

This silly snafu had me thinking about how much I appreciated a lot of high-level choices in Pokemon Legends. Of course, there’s room for improvement there. But in addition to the new capture mechanic, the idea of just buying one game and being done with it was a relief, especially for completionists.

The continuation of the dual game method has become a hot-button issue in recent years, especially since the series moved off of its exclusive home on handhelds. “More money” is a chief contributor to keeping that gravy train rolling, but the original Red and Blue idea of encouraging trading via the community did make sense. But with cold online trading as commonplace, the logistics of pushing two versions with every generation makes less and less sense. It’s likely not going to stop anytime soon, but more Legends releases would be a decent compromise.

McDonald’s Pokemon Violet and Violet ad

McDonalds Pokemon 2

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