McDeathSteak, er, Contra 4 site is live!

The new Contra 4 site is full of testosterone and epicness. The bad ass Contra theme song plays the entire time you’re at the site. Not only that, but everytime you click on a link to a different part of the site, a freaking explosion happens in the middle of the page.

The site offers up a lot of info on Contra 4. You can get a little history lesson with the previous titles and check out the weapons, characters, enemies and stages that will be in the game. There is also plenty of screenshots, wallpapers and concept art available. AND EXPLOSIONS! LOTS OF EXPLOSIONS!

I now regret not playing this game at E For All now after visiting the Contra 4 page. At least the game will be coming out next Tuesday so the wait isn’t too horrible. 

[Thanks, Aerox!]

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