Mayachin Shrine “A Fixed Device” guide Tears of the Kingdom

Mayachin Shrine Entrance

Batter up in Mayachin Shrine

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Mayachin Shrine (A Fixed Device) is an incredibly easy find in Tears of the Kingdom. It is located a short distance north from the Hyrule Field Skyview Tower, right by the Exchange Ruins. Getting there is plenty simple, but solving it can prove tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking at.

Fortunately, once you see what Mayachin Shrine wants you to do, the solution becomes pretty goofy and fun. Check out how we solved this one below.

Mayachin Shrine
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Reveal the target in Mayachin Shrine

When you enter the Shrine, you’ll see a platform attached to a device rotating in a circle. You might not realize this at first, but this section is a bit of a tutorial. Observe how this device can freely rotate, and notice the stake inserted directly into the device. This context will help us later.

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Cross over this pit, and you’ll come across a button and a glowing pillar. Stepping on the button reveals a large target, so as you might guess, we’ll need to hurl something at it. Conversely, hitting the glowing pillar will make the device on the floor in front of you abruptly rotate. Given the ramp in front of the target and the stream of balls rolling to the side of the device, you might see where this puzzle is going.

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How to solve the Mayachin Shrine puzzle

You’ll technically find a couple viable solutions to this puzzle, so we’ll just describe the solution we used.

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First, equip your Ultrahand ability and move down to the floor in front of you. You’ll want to lift the stake by the rotating device out of the ground and put it someplace away from the device. I recommend planting it on the left side of the floor, out of your line of sight leading to the ramp.

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To make life easy for ourselves lsater, do the same thing to the stake behind the chained board to the right side of the area.

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With that out of the way, turn around and look back at that spinning platform you used to get across that first gap. Grab it by the stake with your Ultrahand ability and pull it right out of the device. Walk over to the matching device that spins by hitting the glowing pillar and slide the stake in there instead. By doing this, you’ll essentially turn this device into a tennis racket. Now you just need to line up your shot.

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Break the targets!

Walk back to the glowing pillar. Make sure the device is positioned so your makeshift paddle faces you. When the ball falling onto the platform enters within range of your creation, hit the pillar to whack the ball and send it flying. You’ll likely need a few tries to hit the ball at the right time so it flies off the ramp and hits the target.

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I personally found that I needed to hit the ball shortly before it crossed the second white strip closest to you on the floor underneath it. Just keep adjusting your timing and eventually you’ll get it.

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Once you do hit the target, the doorway to the exit will open. However, another target will reveal itself. This one will be found on the right side of the room, behind the board hanging down by a couple chains. You can use your same makeshift racket to hit this target too. Just time your shot later so the ball will fly right instead of left. After you hit this target, an optional room will open across from the Shrine’s exit with an optional treasure chest inside.

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Collect your treasure and head to the Shrine’s exist to collect your well-earned rewards. Congratulations!

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