May the best man win

Everyone has had plenty to say about the current console war, me included. Frankly, there’s been a lot to discuss. With the consoles still more or less in the baby stages of their launches and 360 just starting to hit a good stride, the question is still up in the air: who will end up in third place?

In this article, Gamasutra’s Ernest Adams provided some thoughtful input on the subject from the designer’s perspective. It’s easy enough for any fanboy to gabber on about why Ninty, Boxy or the Black Stallion is the superior console of choice, but there’s only so much opportunity to hear objective commentary on the facts. Regardless, it still seems hard to tell which console will reign supreme. Perhaps there’s no way to really know unless the game libraries start to really bulk up. Also, if you happen to be banging any key employees at any of the three big companies, we’d like to interview you immediately.

What do you guys think? Who’s gonna own it? 

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