Maxim reveals winner of ‘hottest’ Bayonetta model search

Awhile back, Sega teamed up with Maxim to trick women into dressing up like Bayonetta to win a 50 inch Panasonic TC-P50X1 HDTV Plasma TV and a copy of Bayonetta for the Xbox 360.

Well, a winner has been chosen, and it’s Andrea Bonaccorso. Bonaccorso says that when she was nine, she begged her mom for a Sega Genesis, and then become obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog, Toe Jam and Earl, and (random much?) Rolo to the Rescue. In 2009, she dressed in black, found a fake gun, put on some glasses, and won a television. Good for her. 

While congratulations are in order for Andrea, her win is suspect. Taking a look at the list of top nine entrants chosen by Maxim, one who goes by the name of Sydney, went all out. I’m talking like, hardcore cosplay get-up. What gives?

Nick Chester