Max Payne rated for PS4, likely a PS2 emulation

ESRB listing hints at another PS2 add

Sony recently announced that PS4 can play PS2 games, so long as you purchase them again from Sony for upwards of $10. They do work pretty well, but I can’t imagine buying too many of them, especially when PS2 games aren’t all that hard to find. But I did buy Super Mario World on Wii U because my SNES wasn’t working with a new TV, so.

Anyways, an ESRB listing for Max Payne on PS4 just showed up, so it might join the current eight available PS2 games (and other confirmed incoming ones, like PaRappa the Rapper 2). I gave up on Max Payne on PS2 when I couldn’t see or walk over the blood trailer in the dream sequence and kept falling to my death. Still annoyed about that.

Steven Hansen