Max Payne fan film looks good, makes Mark Wahlberg sad

Man, you guys remember that Max Payne movie starring Mark Wahlberg? That was funny. But hey, uh… Mila Kunis is pretty, right!?

Anyhow, let’s try to put that in the past and look towards the future. Filmmaker Jacob Verlinghieri is adapting and directing a fresh take on Rockstar’s franchise with the fan film Max Payne: Defrayal. The short film is said to be “one of a web-series re-imagining of the Max Payne Saga.” “Max is back with a merciless vengeance hungry for revenge” is all we know of the plot for now, and at the very least he’s playing with a pair of pliers.

The production looks solid, and while it’s not a one-to-one with the tone of the game’s, it’s a far cry from that nonsense Hollywood pushed out the door. Can’t wait to see what Payne’s going to do with those pliers.

Nick Chester