Max Payne 3 troubled, Rockstar Vancouver worse for wear

It doesn’t look like the s**t is going to stop hitting the fan any time soon for Rockstar Games, no matter how much of a joke they want to make about it. While Rockstar San Diego has been the main focus of most of the working condition complaints, it seems that Rockstar Vancouver is pulling the same crap, and being just as mismanaged.

Speaking with Joystiq, an anonymous, former Rockstar Vancouver employee said, “Virtually everything said in the original ‘Rockstar wives’ letter and by current and former Rockstar San Diego employees in the comments applies to my experience at Rockstar Vancouver.”

He notes the multiple delays of Max Payne 3, and says that even the recent third delay’s deadline is most likely not going to be hit. “The game’s story just went through another total re-write earlier this month (the third that I am aware of in the past two years) and that [means] the team would have to have all of the content done by April or May to make that August release date,” he said.

Evidently, the devs over at Rockstar Vancouver are working 14-16 hour days and their holiday vacation time was cut out as well. I know that putting a game out takes a lot of work and many long hours, but this does sound a bit more extreme than usual and gives me absolutely no hope for Max Payne 3 to be any good. [Thanks, DaedHead8]

Source: Max Payne 3 development allegedly also suffering from mismanagement [Joystiq, via IndustyGamers]

Matthew Razak