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Max Payne 3 mod puts Sam Lake’s face back where it belongs

Did you have trouble getting into Max Payne 3’s melancholic bullet-time extravaganza but couldn’t put your finger on why? I’ll tell you: it’s because the eponymous pouty-pants wasn’t wearing the face of Sam Lake, the original face model for Max Payne. Now’s your chance to finally get immersed in the dour, gritty spectacle with a new mod that transforms Max’s face back to the way the Gods of Visage intended.

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The mod comes to use from Nexus user Alexsavvy. It’s no hack job either, as Max’s goes through a lot of abuse throughout the game. Alexsavvy has made sure that every scrape, bump, and misplaced strand of hair still reflects on the hero’s mug. Meanwhile, the distinct nonplussed look of the New York detective stays in place while he’s still able to move and show the full range of emotions that the original Max model did.

It goes even beyond that, as the burly physique of Max has been paired down, and all of his clothes have been altered to fit. To give a better idea of the changes, here’s what Alexsavvy had to say in their own words.

“In total, the mod replaces 98 models and 66 textures. Plus, models and textures in the mirror for the scene where Max shaves his head. Yes, you will see how Sam Lake shaves his head!”

It looks great, and I am tempted to give the game another playthrough just to check this mod out in closer detail. Sam Lake probably didn’t give permission for the use of his face, but knowing the guy (not personally), I imagine he’d be flattered. Oh, as it turns out, he just might be.

You can grab the Sam Lake mod over here on Nexus.

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