Max interviews James Ohlen and Gabe Amatangelo for SW:TOR

Max starts off the talk with a bit of basic overview of Star Wars: The Old Republic with James Ohlen. Everything considered, The Old Republic is apparently bigger than every past BioWare game put together. That is massive. James even goes on to say that there is more voice over in The Old Republic than every game that’s come out this year combined. Okay, now that’s just overkill. But anyway, Max got some info on Hut Ball, your own starship, space battles, the huge library of vehicles in the game and tons of other info you won’t want to miss.

The more I see The Old Republic, the more I just want to get my hands on the damn thing. Oh well, there’s a ton of other titles I can play until it lands. But after it does come out, I will probably never touch another game for a very, very long time.

Brett Zeidler