Max and the Magic Marker may be the best WiiWare game yet

Okay, I know I am being dramatic — there are a lot of great WiiWare games out there (well, not that many). But after watching video of one of Max and the Magic Marker‘s demo levels, you will easily agree that this game deserves as much hyperbole as possible.

To be honest, I didn’t even know this game existed until today (thanks, Adam!). It’s a WiiWare puzzle/platformer from small Copenhagen-based indie studio Press Play, and, boy, does it look freakin’ incredible.

Looking like a welcome combination of Kirby Canvas Curse and Crayon Physics, Max and the Magic Marker has players controlling young boy Max, in an effort to get rid of the monster he created with his magic marker. The game utilizes a unique drawing mechanic that turns everything you draw into a usable object in the game. For instance, as Max journeys through the game’s beautiful side-scrolling levels, he may need protection from a waterfall of acid. Just draw an umbrella-shaped object and that can be used to shield Max from the poison. While this concept sounds a lot like Warner Bros.’s Sribblenauts, the main difference is that the objects you create are not real objects generated by word recognition — they appear in the game exactly as you draw them!

Sadly, my explanation of this revolutionary game is not nearly as cool as video of the game in action. Hit the jump, watch the demo, and prepare to be amazed!

Check out the game’s official Web site for a few more details of this extremely promising WiiWare exclusive. Let’s all hope and pray the final game turns out to be as fantastic as this demo. Seriously, this could be Game of the Year good.

Chad Concelmo