Matthew Perry needs more game training

Admitting you were injured while climbing Mount Everest to save a bunch of orphaned children while also wooing a large group of women is cool. Admitting you injured yourself because you were playing Fallout 3 too much, like Matthew Perry did on The View, is not cool. Not for the reason that playing videogames that much is uncool — it isn’t. It is, however, uncool that Matthew Perry’s hands are so weak.

Really, if you can’t handle the gaming fire get out of the gaming kitchen. One of any gamer’s great prides should be the strength and dexterity of his trigger fingers and thumbs and the ability of the rest of his hand to clutch a controller for hours on end. If you haven’t trained to be a gamer don’t just sit down on the couch and think you can keep up with the best. I’ve had 20 years of thumb training experience and I’d still only say that my thumbs were moderatley in shape. Proper precautions and training must be paid attention to and it’s a shame that Matthew “Weak Thumbs” Perry is teaching our children otherwise.

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