Matt Hazard explains how to deal with being a wash up

Some new Matt Hazard news is coming, and to herald its arrival, we received a handy pamphlet from the star of the game himself, the titular Mr. Hazard. The pamphlet is a guide to finding one’s inner strength as a faded videogame hero and learning how to rise back to the top. It contains handy hints and reminders that one’s thighs are mighty.

The pamphlet is kind of stupid, but that’s the joy of Matt Hazard. It’s kind of stupid, and that makes it kind of great. I’m glad some news is on the way, since the first game was pretty fun in spite of its problems and I really think this parody series has some legs if the developers can refine the gameplay a little. We’ll stay tuned this Thursday for fresh intel on whatever’s next for Matt. Hopefully that retro-style XBLA game is on the way.

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