Masters of Illusion DS: Draw eyes that look like hairy boobs!

Bare witness to the first game in Nintendo history that aims to train kids into becoming street magicians instead of going to college and making mommy and daddy happy. Master of Illusion also is the first hybrid game in DS history — the game comes with a deck of marked cards. Master of Illusion will contain more than 20 different tricks and step-by-step tutorials on how to play and fool your friends into thinking you have super powers.  

The three videos from GameVideos show a few of the tricks you can perform and how extremely simple it all looks. My favorite video has to be the above one just for the fact that I thought of boobs when he finished the eyes. Immature? Come on, you all should know how I roll by now.

Master of Illusion will be out on November 26th and will be an awesome buy for the kid that still believes in magic. Otherwise, this looks like a total pass. Check the jump for two more videos and the fact sheet.  

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Amaze your friends with the magic power of Nintendo DS.

  • Did you know Nintendo DS was magic? It is now, as Master of Illusion first teaches users how to perform incredible magic and card tricks, then acts as an assistant as they perform for others. Once users learn how to secretly read the enclosed cards, they’ll become master magicians in no time.
  • Master of Illusion puts an entire magic show in the palm of your hand. Master of Illusion contains step-by-step tutorials on more than 20 different tricks, allowing budding magicians to master the nuances of performance long before show time. Tricks use all facets of Nintendo DS – magicians will draw faces that speak the name of the audience’s card, or audibly instruct a dog to fetch a selected item. There are also several solitaire games for downtime between performances.
  • Amaze, and be amazed! Many of the tricks are auto-performing, so users will be wowed long before they learn how it’s done. Once they do, they can hand the DS off and watch others be amazed as well.

Game storyline: A magic store clerk named Barbara walks users through various modes as users learn and perform tricks.

How to progress through the game: Only a small percentage of the tricks are open at the beginning of the game. As users practice and master tricks, more and more will open.

Characters: Barbara and a host of guest magicians who teach/perform tricks.

Special powers/weapons/moves/features: The backs of the enclosed cards can be read by a magician in the know, and many tricks rely on mastery of the technique. Not only that, but several tricks require knowing audio commands to guide the DS.


Hamza Aziz