Masterplan Tycoon will have you managing flowcharts March 9

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Now, if you’ll take a look at the next slide…

Ravenage Games has announced that Bureau Bravin’s minimalist resource management game Masterplan Tycoon is set to unravel on March 9.

Masteplan Tycoon has you gathering resources and processing them into products to be sold. The big twist here is that all the bells and whistles have been sliced off in favor of more simplistic visuals that bring to mind the type of flowcharts you’d find in your employee training manual or in boardroom presentations. Pushing to further the minimalistic approach, there is no punishment for not getting things exactly right.

Some people really love making flowcharts, but there isn’t always a need for them. Masterplan Tycoon sort of feels like a solution to this. It provides abundant need for flowcharts, which should be exceedingly satisfying for the flowchart minded.

I feel like the minimalistic graphics style has to make it extraordinarily difficult for a small project to stand out, however. Video games are often about piling gloss and hanging ornaments from very simple abstractions. It’s always an interesting experiment to remove those dressings to reveal the naked skeleton beneath. A lot of the most addictive games have stripped the unnecessary fat, and instead replaced it with the constant feeling of progression. Look at, say, Vampire Survivors or basically any game in the clicker sub-genre.

You’ll be able to set up your flowcharts in Masterplan Tycoon on March 9 on PC. If you’d like a taste right now, there’s a demo available on Steam.

Zoey Handley
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