Master P has ideas, one of them is a videogame

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Yo! Dis’ s**t be off the chizzle!

Hollywood Reporter be reportin’ ‘dat Master P, Seth Green, and Matthew Senreich of Stoopid Monkey Productions and ShadowMachine Films be talkin’ ’bout chillin’ and makin’ a game, dog! You know Seth Green, right? That cat was in that movie with Mini-Me and ‘dat chick who took off her top in Boogie Nights, right?

So anywayz, peep da’ title: Play The Industry. That’s hot right!? For realz! They sayin’ this joint gonna be like that game, The Sims, where n****z be going to work and takin’ a leak n’ s**t so they don’t dies. ‘Cept like, in this game, you be a real playa in a 3D world — ya’ll be makin’ moves as an athlete, power broker, or a hip-hop artist to become a true balla’ and get some-a ‘dat scrilla so you can raise on up.

WORD. Yo, you know this be ‘dat entaprizin’ muthaf***a Master P’s idea, know what I’m sayin’? He got mad ideas, for reals. ShadowMachine’s Corey Campodonic (yo, that name gangsta’ for reals!) agrees.

“Master P is at the forefront of so many new things,” he be sayin’, “including putting new ‘clean’ albums that are not derogatory and don’t have cursing and that sort of stuff.”

Yo, that word is bond, son. We muthaf****n’ gotz to be thinkin’ ’bout the muthaf****n’ kidz, cuz like Whitney be sayin’ when she ain’t gettin’ smacked up by Bobby, those little n****z be our future n’ s**t. WORD.

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