Master Chief gets a smoking rack to benefit those now without

Courtesy of Kotaku we’ve received word of the above statuette: a miniaturized, feminized Master Chief created by artist David Johnson currently up for bid on eBay. The 11.5″ polymer clay wank fodder was created with the express purpose of ruining sheets raising money for the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

While Halo 3 has been receiving ridiculous amounts of exposure lately, this is probably the most newsworthy event so far — at least for those of us who care more about the well-being of living people as opposed to sales figures, or the plight of a fictional race of future humans. It’s awesome to see someone capitalize on the fervor created by this game not for profit, but to help those less fortunate.

Now, someone get Team Ninja on the phone. I’ve got some fantastic ideas for a few Breast Cancer Awareness Week commercials.

Earnest Cavalli
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