Massive update is massive: GTA IV Web site inundated with new content

In case Nick Chester’s fantastically detailed “GTA IV Week” posts haven’t titillated you enough, Rockstar ratcheted up the anticipation for GTA IV today with a flood of information. The update comprises a broad variety of new features on the game’s official Web site:

New multiplayer modes and details
Two new videos
Two new radio stations/DJs
A mess of flash sites for in-game features
A ton of new screens

Nick already gave you a preview on the expansive multiplayer aspect of the game. Now you can find some information on all of the game’s team modes in the Web site’s Multiplayer section, which was previously closed with a “Coming Soon” tag. The new radio stations are Electrochoc (pronounced “Electroshock”), which features dance music, and L.C.H.C. (“Liberty City Hard Core”), which plays hardcore rock. Try them out in the widget above!

I’ve included the details of the new update after the jump, straight from the News page on the official site. Check it out, and then head over to to see it all for yourself.

[Editor’s note: For some reason, the widget won’t work in Firefox for me; I had to view this post in Internet Explorer to get it to work. Weird, I’m not even using the beta of Firefox 3.]


Today’s official site update includes the debut of the MULTIPLAYER section — with information and exclusive screenshots unveiled for all Team Modes and Race Modes, as well as two new videos featuring Playboy X and the Liberty City Gun Club.

The MUSIC section has also been updated to include the revelation of two new stations:

Electrochoc – Cutting edge sounds for the dance floor. Hosted by Francois K.
Liberty City Hardcore – Hardcore lives on in the city where it all began. Hosted by Jimmy Gestapo.

Also, check out some new points-of-interest on the Liberty City map that introduce information about:

Middle Park – People with no sense of shame exercise in public in the park.

Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster – One of the most successful law firms in Liberty City for a reason: we get results. Learn about the firm, our partners, and chat with one of our interns for free legal advice!

The Men’s Room – With Bas & Jeremy. We want to know what kind of man are YOU? Take our helpful self-evaluation quiz.

Bean Machine – That ubiquitous cup of java favored all over Liberty City. Enter the Bean Machine!

ZiT – “We’ll Spot the Song for You!” The revolutionary new music service.

Samit Sarkar