Massage your perineum with new Dynasty Warriors 7 screens

A brand new batch of screenshots and art have launched to show off the recently revealed Dynasty Warriors 7 characters Ding Feng, Sun Ce, Zhou Yun, Cao Ren, Huang Zhong, Meng Huo and Zhu Rong. They all look pretty sexy, so check them out. 

Fans will notice that Sun Ce has been given his tonfas back, which will be a very welcome return for those upset by the excessive cloning of DW6. Speaking of welcome returns, Zhu Rong is looking pretty damn hot in her new getup. Out of all of them, I think I’m most impressed by the totally fresh character Ding Feng. Fighting with a pair of giant metal hands, he looks like an absolute beast. 

As a fan of the series, I’ve got high hopes for this one. Everything I’ve seen so far makes it look like this will be a definite step up for the franchise. So shove that up your arse.

[Via Koei Warriors]

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