Mass Effect saves files will transfer to Mass Effect 2

Late last week, BioWare debuted a bananas Mass Effect 2 teaser trailer. It lacked gameplay footage and zest, but it wasn’t short on shock value. According to the video, Mass Effect’s chief protagonist Commander Shepherd is dead. His departure leaves several questions, the majority of which BioWare aren’t going to answer.

One question that BioWare will answer involves data. According to a message board post by a BioWare staffer, you don’t need to delete your original Mass Effect save file just because Shepherd ceases to exist. “This is just your first taste of [Mass Effect 2],” wrote community coordinator Chris Priestly. “We are not yet discussing the details of the game. However … don’t delete your Mass Effect saves yet.”

BioWare promised save file mobility, and it appears that they will deliver. How it will be delivered with the protagonist listed as “Killed in Action” is still a mystery.

[via VideoGamer]

Brad BradNicholson