This Mass Effect 2 mod adds a mineral stock market in place of probing planets

Mass Effect 2's Nos Astra Mineral Exchange mod

A space adventure for day traders

Mass Effect is one of those series that we’ve played so many times, sometimes it can be fun to load up a mod for the sake of switching things up a bit. You could always go for the expanded armory or expanded galaxy, or even try the Take Back Earth mod if you really want to make it interesting. Of course, I’m sure there are some crypto bros out there who are also Mass Effect fans, or at the very least, some people who want to try to game a stock market in a low-stakes environment. Or maybe they just hate the probing mini-game. Who’s to say?

Either way, this Mass Effect Legendary Edition mod might be for you. It’s called Nos Astra Mineral Exchange (created by beccatoria and Team Pyjak), and adds a whole galactic stock market to Mass Effect 2, which allows players to trade money and resources. (Thanks, PC Gamer.) Basically, you can either trade minerals and mine them, or just forgo the probing altogether.

There are also new missions attached to the mod as well, which include new voice lines for existing characters with AI dialogue tool xVASynth thanks to the work of modder Gaige Barker.

To gain access to the newly available stock market, players will first need to head to the Crescent Nebula, then to the Asari world of Illium, then to the capital city of Nos Astra, and then finally to the docks entrance where public trading terminals can be found. There’s also a terminal on the Shadow Broker’s ship, if that’s more convenient.

The mod’s site even details the Mass Effect 2 stock market’s exchange rate, which is the kind of thing I don’t really get, but go nuts if you’re into that sort of thing. Nos Astra Mineral Exchange is available to download on NexusMods or Mod DB — just make sure you have the ME3 Tweaks Mod Manager ready to go first.

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