Mass Effect Legendary Edition changes infamous photo of Tali


As players have been tearing through all three games in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, they’ve been discovering the changes that have been made throughout the trilogy. One in particular addresses a very well-known photo that can appear in Shepard’s cabin.

(Spoilers for Mass Effect 3 follow)

During the course of Mass Effect 3, Shepard can carry on a romance with a number of different crewmates, including quarian squadmate Tali. In the course of her romance, Shepard can even end up with a photo of her in their cabin.

In the original Mass Effect 3, this photo turned out to be an edit of a stock photo that didn’t sit well with some folks. Now, with the Legendary Edition, BioWare has replaced the old picture with a new one, as confirmed by Reddit user “Maxgoods” and others.

Whether it’s an improvement or not is your call. It certainly looks like Tali, though the original photo stood out for showing her without the usual enviro-suit, which I liked to think of as her on the world of Rannoch. It was nice to think of her getting to finally experience the breeze on her homeworld, and Shepard preserving the memory. That said, this one is definitely closer to how we see Tali in the game—still wearing the suit, though without any apparent face-shielding. Still, it’s probably a better version for fans as opposed to an edited stock photo.

While some of the larger changes of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition were detailed in the run-up to launch, but it seems like there are still a number of differences to spot in the details. It’ll be interesting to see what else has been across all these games as players dig deeper into them.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter