Mass Effect has explicit, graphic sex now? Excuse me while I die laughing

This is hilarious. A conservative Web site has attacked BioWare’s Mass Effect for its sex scenes. While you could attack them for being cynical marketing ploys that were disappointing and bland in execution, those interviewed by the Cybercast News Network actually attack it for being “explicitly graphic.” Yes, apparently a shot of a bit of arse is now sexually explicit material. In other news, a woman got arrested for exposing her bare leg in public! More at eleven.

The playable character can become romantically involved… This storyline culminates in a cutscene in which the characters copulate in full digital nudity.

… Unfortunately, Mass Effect… even goes so far as to allow homosexuality to be on par with heterosexuality and heterosexuality outside of its proper context of marriage.

It’s when you read statements like the above that you realize the shocking reality — plenty of people still wish we lived in the dark ages and were sexually, intellectually repressed. It’s quite scary to think that there are still unevolved, backwards-thinking dinosaurs like this, who swoon at the sight of bare flesh and are terrified of homosexuality, but there you go. These are the people who need to create their own little towns far away from reality where they can burn each other for witchcraft, like the good old days.

So, Mass Effect is now “feeding porn to kids,” because of material far more tame than anything on television. It was so lame, in fact, that the BBFC gave it a “12” rating in the UK. In America of course, the game is “M” for mature, so any claims it’s marketed to minors over there can bugger right off. This is just another case of 1940’s housewives and Victorian-minded nutcases over-reacting.

Business as usual, then.

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