Mass Effect DLC free on PC? I feel an uproar coming on

With all the fuss lately over DLC in games like Battlefield: Bad Company and Final Fantasy: My Life as a King, I kind of find myself hoping that the topic kind of falls off the radar for a week or two, at least giving people long enough to simmer down, now. Not the case, I’m afraid. This time around the news involves the Mass Effect DLC pack Bring Down the Sky, which costs 400 Microsoft points ($5) for 360 owners. How much will PC owners be paying for the same DLC? Not a red cent — as long as you join the BioWare community, you get it for free on launch day, which is May 28th.

Give me a second to get out my shield — I’m glad I invested in the kevlar one this time. At least the DLC is optional and you get a complete gaming experience out of Mass Effect without it, but it doesn’t seem very fair that one type of gamer should have to pay for it while another does not. Maybe some people won’t be bothered by spending the $5 difference. What’s the word, Dtoid — annoyed, or unphased? Also, to continue my theme of the week, hookers or cheeseburgers?

[Via CVG — Thanks, Jonathan]

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