Mass Effect DLC details leaked by the Swiss

The Swiss have awesome watches. They also have some hot and new Mass Effect downloadable content details. CVG is reporting that the official Swiss Xbox Web page is dropping mad information about the eternally upcoming downloadable, even so far as pegging its name.

According to the page, the DLC is named “Pinnacle Station.” Set on a mysterious space station, it will have thirteen combat-specific challenges, which jives with what we’ve been told about the combat-focused (perhaps arena-based) content. Couple this with the recent Achievement information, and you’re pretty good to go on the information front.

The page lists the content’s release date as June 16th. That is wrong, obviously; so do take the above information with a grain of salt until BioWare feels the need to announce the content its teased fans with since the dawn of time.

Brad BradNicholson