Mass Effect character spotlights: Looks epic, but still not keen on animation

BioWare just released its second character spotlight, introducing us to the cast of humans and aliens we’ll be meeting in Mass Effect. While the game is certainly promising to be epic in scale, that animation is really letting it down. Just take a look at the last clip in this video. Does that man move like a raving madman? Not many lunatics warning of humanity’s death would just stand there looking at his feet like he’s bored.

While the human animation is still leaving something to be desired, at least the aliens are looking damn good. As you can see from the first spotlight (posted after the jump, in case you missed it), the Krogan character is fantastic in terms of both design and the way his face moves. There’s a real sense of life that the human characters are sadly lacking.

The release date for Mass Effect approaches ever nearer, and despite my criticism, I am still very interested in picking it up. Don’t mistake my mistrust for anything other than thoughtful apprehension. I’m hoping for a good game, but certainly not expecting a masterpiece. It’s up to BioWare to prove me wrong, and I hope it does.

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