Mass Effect and Battlefield: Bad Company sequels coming in 2010

What’s more exciting to have than a room full of cottage cheese? If you guessed a Mass Effect and a Battlefield: Bad Company sequel you’re correct. Electronic Arts recently confirmed the sequels for 2010 in their conference call earlier this afternoon.

It wasn’t as big of a bombshell as the Dead Space Wii announcement, but it’s good to know that the titles are coming. EA’s head honcho John Riccitiello added that Mass Effect 2 would hit “multiple platforms” and Bad Company would return to consoles.

Rumors of a PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect 2 have been flying around since the beginning of time, so feel free to start shoveling coal into the speculation train’s firebox. A word of caution if you are so inclined: EA has confirmed that the title will hit the PC and Xbox 360. That sounds like “multiple platforms” to me.

[via Joystiq]

Brad BradNicholson