Mass Effect 2’s ‘Kasumi’ add-on gets a price

Mass Effect 2‘s gotten quite a lot of free downloadable content. It’s only natural for BioWare to start rolling out the premium stuff now, right? The first paid add-on, “Kasumi — Stolen Memory,” has been given a price: 560 Microsoft Points aka $7. That applies to the PC version too, in case you weren’t aware.

Brad gave us a glimpse of what to expect from Kasumi Goto during GDC 2010. Haters of the cookiecutter building designs from Mass Effect‘s DLC, don’t worry — the art assets are all new here. Even if I disliked Zaeed as a character and felt his introduction lacked proper build up, his mission was fun while it lasted.

Also, it was totally free. As a result, I’m only cautiously optimistic for Kasumi rather than jumping out of my seat with joy like a crazed fan. April 6, the date of arrival for this DLC, is going to be an interesting day — that’s for damn sure.

Jordan Devore
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