Mass Effect 2 PS3 listings are incorrect, says EA

Just like that time when the official EA Web site had Left 4 Dead 2 listed as a PS3-bound title, the publisher says the recent smattering of Mass Effect 2 PS3 listings are bogus. In a conversation with Eurogamer, EA has said the listings are incorrect.

Don’t get too bummed and hit up that noose in the closet just yet. Currently through Amazon, pre-orderers of the PS3-bound Collector’s Edition of BioWare’s other upcoming RPG, Dragon Age: Origins, can net themselves a cloth map, a tin box, and “an unlockable item for Mass Effect 2.” The game may not be coming, but at least you’ll be a proud owner of a bad download token.

Or that was an error as well. We can’t tell anymore.

[Thanks, Leonharfs!]

Brad BradNicholson