Mass Effect 2 ‘Kasumi’ DLC to hit real soon

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Time to shake the cobwebs off another disc. The first bit of Mass Effect 2 PDLC, “Kasumi’s Stolen Memory,” hits on April 6th. To celebrate that fact — and arouse our pumped-upness after a hip showing at GDC 10 — studio BioWare has released a new teaser video for the downloadable content that shows off space rogue Kasumi and some of her espionage-style Loyalty mission.

We get the impressions that this hunk of DLC will be a great palatte cleanser in our future playthroughs of the stellar RPG. It may also make us want to watch the “Phantom Menace” — Gungans and all — over again. Kasumi has to be pals the same make-up artist that works with Queen Amidala.

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