Masquerada is a very pretty Baldur’s Gate-style RPG

Banner Saga levels of isometric, 2D goodness

Leading with the Dragon Age comparison probably would’ve gotten more eyes on this these days, huh? The Baldur’s Gate reference point just makes the most sense, though, especially with the isometric view. And there are plenty of fans left. I mean, Pillars of Eternity is happening.

But onto Masquerada: Songs and Shadows. I’d hack the title at the colon, but otherwise I’m loving this “Venetian-inspired fantasy” world drawn with the colors of “French comic books and vivid games like Bastion.” It’s a less muted Banner Saga and more my style when it comes to “fantasy.”

In the city of Ombre, masks are key to casting magic. You’ll play as Inspettore Cicero Gavar in his return from exile to solve a kidnapping. We’re far out, as Masquerada is planning an early 2016 PC, Mac, and “consoles” release, but you can try the demo at PAX East if you’re attending.

Steven Hansen