Mash Tactics + 321 GoCast + Also Talks, 6 hour special

Join us now for a special six hour show extravaganza in celebration of 6,000 followers on Justin.Tv/Destructoid. Mash Tactics, 321 GoCast, and Also Talks will be joining forces (and time slots) for one giant chunk of awesomeness. We will also be celebrating the reanimation of the recently departed, PlayStation Network. In true A.D.D fashion, we will be playing community picks, so whatever games you want to see. If you have yet to check out the official Destructoid channel on Justin Tv, this is a great opportunity to meet the Chill Bros and see our game catalog.

[Join us for Mash Tactics every weekday at 4PM PST on Justin.Tv/Destructoid to watch live streams of new game releases and crazy antics with industry guests. Come join us on the chat and see what all the fuss is about!]

Pico Mause