Mary Machine Classic looks so very familiar

What you see above is an image for the “funny” iPhone gambling game Mary Machine Classic. Not sure what’s so funny about it, but the inevitable lawsuit that’s going to result from this game could be worthy of a laugh or two. Quite how the creator of this App thinks he’s going to get away with taking Mario’s mustache off and sticking him in a yellow shirt, I do not know. You have to admire his balls, if not his brains.

The best part is that the gameplay itself isn’t even original, being based upon a famous gambling machine known as Small Mary. That’s double the derivativeness, which has to be worth some sort of prize for the sheer gall. I hear that if you win the game, you get a code for the follow up sequel, Bonic the Bedgebog. 

[via Tanukitsune’s CBlog]

Jim Sterling