Marvel’s Spider-Man PC patch reduces crashes and ray-tracing issues


Anybody call for a web-slinger?

Insomniac Games has released the first major patch for the PC port of Marvel’s Spider-Man. The patch, which is available to download right now, includes fixes for several issues pertaining to the port’s use of ray-tracing technology alongside general improvements to Spidey Stability.

The clunkily titled Version 1.817.1.0 has been pushed out as a small fix to stick a band-aid over some of the port’s most egregious issues. Insomniac has noted that it is already working on a much larger update, which will contain a litany of bug stomps as well as directly address issues brought to the developer’s attention via player feedback. A release date for this secondary patch was not announced.

Today’s update fixes crashes and visual distortions directly related to the use of ray-tracing, while also eliminating random issues that would crop under specific circumstances — such as when playing on widescreen monitors or when Alt-Tabbing out of the game. In addition, Insomniac assured fans it is aware of less common issues — such as a baffling bug that is stopping some players from photographing The Empire State Building — and is continuing to investigate solutions.

You can check out the patch notes for Version 1.817.1.0 right here.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now on PlayStation and PC platforms.

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