Marvel’s Midnight Suns would be a perfect Game Pass game

Is Marvel's Midnight Suns on Xbox Gamepass?

It’s an on-the-fence game that’s worth checking out

I mostly went into Marvel’s Midnight Suns blind, and was surprised at what it ended up becoming: in a good way!

Given the somewhat muddled marketing for this game, I know a lot of people are curious if it’s worth full price. Provided that you’re already a Marvel or strategy fan, Midnight Suns should warm you up to the other criteria over time. It would also be the perfect Game Pass game.

Marvel’s Midnight Sons is not on Game Pass, and it likely won’t be for a while

The sad truth is, although it would be cool if Midnight Suns was on Game Pass, it didn’t launch that way, and it likely isn’t going to be part of the program for the foreseeable future. 2K Games generally doesn’t prescribe to putting anything on Game Pass, beyond some sports fodder.

It’s a shame, because I’ve spoken to tons of people are aren’t quite sure they want to take the dive for full price, and with Game Pass, that wouldn’t be an issue. The strategic combat is more action oriented than a lot of other offerings in the genre, which is perfect for a pick up and play Game Pass weekend game that you might really enjoy for a while: but not finish straight away.

We could see some sort of “relaunch” so to speak in 2023, as Midnight Suns technically is still coming to Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. But for now, we wait.

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