Marvel wants an MMO or two, 10-year deal proves it

Yesterday, Gazillion Entertainment announced a 10-year deal with Marvel, ending speculation that a Captain America MMO would never happen. The deal allows Gazillion to create what the Wall Street Journal describes as “multiplayer online games” using Marvel properties.

Gazillion shouldn’t ring any bells. VentureBeat described the developer as “one of the most ambitious game startups in the world.” The company has 300 employees and a few games already in development. One of those is the fabled LEGO MMO. The others are original IPs and, I’m guessing, at least one Marvel-based MMO. Gazillion’s jam is (apparently) creating online worlds, so expect several server shutdown stories within the next two-to-three years.

This is great news for every party involved. Gazillion gets a load of characters to play around with (Captain America, War Machine, Elektra). Marvel finally gets its MMO. And you get to play … but probably not for free. Let’s hope this one gets off the ground better than Marvel Universe Online, eh?

[via Shacknews and Kotaku]

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