Marvel vs Capcom 3 to have Japanese voice option?

There’s a image floating around that’s supposed to show selectable language tracks for the voices of the characters in Capcom’s upcoming brawler, Marvel vs Capcom 3. If it’s the real thing, from the looks of this screen you’ll be able to independently select English or Japanese for each character. I think it would be cool for the characters to speak their native tongues. I also think it would be neat for the characters to say their commands using Google Voice’s voice-to-text translation. 

If this is real, I’m glad that Capcom would take the time to put this in. They did it in Street Fighter IV, so I wouldn’t be too surprised or get too excited. It’s crazy to see an option in a fighting game that should be standard in every Japanese RPG. 

MvsC3 lets you select English or Japanese Voiceovers [Siliconera]

Dale North