Marvel Snap will let you Snap against friends sometime this year

Marvel Snap

Friends who Snap together, stay together

While Marvel Snap is quickly taking over phones, one particular feature that’s missing is the ability to challenge friends. But that’s going to change soon, as the team says a mode for playing against friends in Marvel Snap is arriving before the end of the year.

Speaking to The Washington Post, a spokesperson for developer Second Dinner confirms an update is on the way for this calendar year. Part of this update will be a “friend-centric” Battle Mode.

The Battle Mode was mentioned in an October roadmap update, as a different way of playin Snap. Rather than competing for Cosmic Cubes, player have health.

Multiple matches are played out and players lose health like Cubes, with Snaps taking more health. This is a bit different from the current one-and-done ladder climbing mode.

Snap back

This is an interesting way of playing, and one I’m pretty interested in seeing. As much as I love the current version of Marvel Snap, the concept of playing out multiple matches and adapting to the opponent is a cool concept.

Obviously, using health rather than Cosmic Cube progression, means you can have a little bit of fun with it too. Maybe rather than worrying about certain decks or strats, you can just instant-Snap and roll out your gimmick decks.

Marvel Snap has surged its way into the conversation in a serious way. Understandably so, as it’s a seriously fun card game. It’s nice to see the team at Second Dinner is still working at ways to keep things fresh, even as players are still working their way through card unlocks and the seasonal pass.

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