Marvel deal will give Disney more stuff to play with

Even though Disney doesn’t plan to assume or handle all of the publishing and developing duties related to Marvel videogames, the company believes the incorporation of Marvel will help it hit “critical mass.”

“Overtime, on the videogame side, there will be opportunities,” Disney VP Tom Stagg said at a recent conference in New York (via “We’ve said that, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that every videogame that has a Marvel or Disney brand will end up being just produced by us.”

“I suspect there will be a blend of license relationships and self-published titles, but at the same time we believe there’s an opportunity there just in terms of our drive, driving ourselves to critical mass and having a broader base of properties with which to do that,” he said.

At the event, the Goldman Sachs Communacopia XVIII Conference, Stagg didn’t mention if the company could reach “terminal velocity,” “absolute zero,” or “oscillatory motion” with the new Marvel properties in tow. He also didn’t mention Newton’s laws, permeability, scalar quantity, or even magnetic domain in conjunction with them either.

Stagg wasn’t saying anything we didn’t know before: Disney, at least right now, isn’t planning to take on every single Marvel game. They’re comfortable with allowing outside studios doing things with the various properties. But, Disney is planning to do stuff with the IPs. Enough stuff, apparently, to have some sort of significant effect on the company.

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