Marvel at Microsoft’s diverse workforce: It has a woman in it!

Microsoft is currently using its Halo franchise management team as a shining example of diversity in the workforce. This is part of The ‘Soft’s “You At Microsoft” recruitment campaign. After what must have been hours upon hours of searching, Microsoft managed to locate a woman that worked in the company, and she had this to say:

“Game development is hard.”

Keep rockin’ it, sister! If you want to work in a diverse environment, Microsoft and its women are the people to call.  You too could be a woman, if you only put your mind to it.

Seriously though, I absolutely detest these “look how diverse we are” campaigns, because I really don’t think it should matter if your company has more Indian people than American people in it. It’s really not impressive to hire a bunch of black people or women and then dance around expecting a hearty pat on the back for being so progressive. It’s as backwards as choosing to hire none at all, and about twice as cynical.

However, it is the fact that Microsoft couldn’t even find one black woman that makes me laugh my arse off.

James Stephanie Sterling