Marry your waifu at a wedding chapel in Tokyo

True love knows no bounds

Remember when that guy married Nene from Love Plus? Hibiki Works does, and they’re now using virtual reality and a real wedding chapel in Tokyo to have you tie the knot with one of the three girls in its latest erotic dating sim, Nitzuma Lovely x Cation. Players will have to win over either Yuki Isurugi (long black hair), Aiko Kurihara (short brown hair), or Nono Naruse (blond hair), before the virtual marriage.

In the digital age, even love is expedited. Though the game releases on April 28, the ceremony takes place on June 30. Grooms will need to dress into a proper tuxedo once they arrive, followed by donning the virtual reality headset and proceeding into the private wedding with the help of a wedding coordinator. It appears any number of grooms may apply, so you’re out of luck if you thought you could keep a girl all to yourself. Then again, is it right for us to force these girls into marriage, or even program them to fall in love with whoever engages with them?

I’m starting to visualize the plot for a future philosophical romance. If we could copy our consciousness and implement them into new bodies, would it be cheating for that person to date or marry multiple people? Would polygamy with the same person be acceptable? Would you download the consciousness and physical form of a crush or celebrity, and then date a version of them altered to fall in love with you? Soma 2 anyone?

ゲーム会社さん、2次元キャラとの結婚式を開催する・・・マジかよ・・・ [Otakumu]

Cory Arnold
Pretty cool dude in Japan. 6/9/68