Marks and Spencer to the Xbox 360: Do not want!

To be honest, Marks & Spencer is known more for giving upper class wannabes a place to shop than providing gaming hardware, but its recent decision to decline sale of the Xbox 360 can be nothing but a damaging blow to Microsoft’s already shaky PR in the games world. After offering a free 2 year warranty on all its electrical goods, Marks n’ Sparks has perhaps wisely chosen not to sell the notoriously unreliable 360, not willing to put faith in a machine with such infamous faults.

Rival machines in the PS3 and PSP are already offered by M&S, who will also be bringing Nintendo products to its shelves once a steady supply of Wiis can be guaranteed. The reputation, however, of the deathly red rings precede Microsoft. Granted, it is only rubbishy Marks & Spencer, but could stories like this become a trend? What do the Dtoiders think?

James Stephanie Sterling