Mark Reins on Nintendo’s parade?

Although the general public is lapping up Wii’s by the millions, you might not want to hold your breath while waiting for Epic to supply the engine for Nintendo’s rig — you’d likely pass out and die from the wait. As Mark Rein puts it, investing in the Wii just doesn’t seem like a sound financial decision for Epic: 

“I don’t think there’s a lot of money on making engines for the Wii. The big software dollars right now are being earned on Xbox 360, and they’re going to be earned on PlayStation 3. And I think, unless you’re going to sell your engine to Nintendo, you’re going for scraps on that platform”

Nintendo doesn’t seem to be suffering any ill-effects from Epic’s lack of support, but it can’t exactly be painting smiles on Nintendo execs (behind closed doors) knowing that a respected developer has written their product off their to-do list. Whether or not this will make a difference for Nintendo in the long run is unknown. However, having someone say that they are avoiding your product because they can’t see it being a profitable venture is something to ponder over — particularly when that someone is Mark Rein — who is supplying the competition with some very pretty (and popular) games. What’s your take on this?

[Gametrailers via CVG